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Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare would probably have a field day in present day Los Angeles.  In more ways than one, no doubt.  He would certainly recognize all the human folly he observed and recounted in his plays and poetry over 400 years ago.  And roaming as he might across the Los Angeles basin, into the surrounding hills, he would find that folly manifested into some of its gaudiest forms yet known to man.  Or perhaps it would look all too familiar to an artist of such insight, even with all the preternaturally taut skin on aged faces, the augmented breasts, all the modern make believe.

Barring the reanimation of Shakespeare in body, we have his work brought to life in contemporary L.A. by another populist entertainer who would seem to strive to bring intelligent entertainment to the masses.  This writer and director Joss Whedon. Mr. Whedon has brought the play all the way home, to 21st century, to Los Angeles and to his very residence, filming the proceedings entirely on his Santa Monica estate over…