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God as my witness, I  really thought they were called the Frostchilds.  This, just part of the problem when numerous cast members are called upon to speak in a English accent, whether they happen to hail from England or not.  As it turns out, the enemies of Asgard and their King Odin (Anthony Hopkins) are, in fact, the Frost Giants.   Shame, really.   Instead of sounding like the patricians of a snowy realm, the bad guys find themselves with a label redolent of some forgettable Canadian Football League squad.  There's just not going to be any winning that way.  It's one of many shortcomings of this film version of Thor, feebly helmed by Kenneth Branagh.  What we have here, in addition to a failure to communicate, is some very watered down Norse Mythology.

Burdened as they are by a silly name, the Frost Giants still prove pesky in their way, breaking into the palace just as Odin is about to vacate the thrown for his brawny, rather too sure of himself son, Thor.  One son's …